The Old: 2015 and The New: 2016

Year 2015 has been interesting, to say the least.  I experienced heartache, frustration, disappointment, and the unexpected. God has been with me through it all.  This year tested my faith.  Would I strengthen my relationship with God through hardship or would I let satan win by giving up?

I truly believe I passed the test.  I learned how to keep my hope in the midst of chaos by leaning on God for the answers.  Yes, I made mistakes along the way but nothing that God couldn’t fix.  I even walked away from God for a short time to seek my own desires but found my way back to Him.

God wiped my every tear.  He carried me through life’s storms.  He showed me that I’m a strong person who can handle anything that comes my way.

Year 2016 will be all about believing in the impossible.  I want to believe again in dreams that have yet to be fulfilled.  I want to love God and know God for who He is.  God will be my everything in the good and the bad.  2016 will be a year to remember!


4 thoughts on “The Old: 2015 and The New: 2016

    • This year (2015) has been challenging but I’m stronger for it. I know I can handle hardship and not crumble. I’m believing that 2016 will be my year to prosper and to see the unexpected. I’m anticipating for a good and blessed year.

      I pray God will bless you in year 2016!

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