Lacking Nothing

As we begin a new year, we look back on what we accomplished in the previous year.  We go down our bucket list and realize that we did not accomplish everything that we hoped we would.  We beat ourselves up for what we lacked rather than what we accomplished.  The truth is, what we accomplish on earth will one day fade away.  It is not permanent.  Yes, we have desires and goals that were not met and will carry over into the new year, but it is not worth stressing over, because God already knows our needs and wants.  We lack nothing in Him.  Let me say that again: We lack nothing in Him.  God is our everything!

I recently heard a song called, My Everything, by Gateway Worship.  It is a beautiful song that captures who God is in our lives.  The lyrics are a love song to God.  When you hear this song sung over you, you cannot help but fall to your knees and praise God in full surrender.  The chorus says that,

You’re more than just a song
You’re more than just a whim
You’re more than just a passing fantasy
You’re My Every Way
You’re My Everything

Take a few minutes to read these lyrics slowly aloud.  God is more than just rescuing us from our troubles.  He is more than granting our every wish.  He wants a relationship with us, no matter what is happening in our lives.  As the song continues, it declares that,

I want to be with You
I need to be with You
I long to be with You, precious King
So with every day, Lord, in every way
You’re My Everything

This song cries out to God for an intimate relationship with Him.  The lyrics express the wants and needs to be with God.  We feel the yearning and passion as we read these words above.  In this song, we are saying, “You are My number one in my life.  God, You are important to me, and I want to experience You completely.”

In another song called, “So Will I (100 Billion X), written by Joel Houston Benjamin Hastings and Michael Fatkin, it declares everything God created by speaking it into existence.  The lyrics begin with,

God of creation
There at the start
Before the beginning of time
With no point of reference
You spoke to the dark
And fleshed out the wonder of light

And as You speak
A hundred billion galaxies are born
In the vapor of Your breath the planets form
If the stars were made to worship so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You’ve made
Every burning star
A signal fire of grace
If creation sings Your praise so will I

In this song, we proclaim who God is by His creation.  We are His creation, and because He created us, we lack nothing.  We may be waiting for a prayer to be answered, but, in Him, we lack nothing.  God provides our every need.  If He can speak anything into existence, then He is choosing to wait for His perfect timing to answer our prayer.  In Ecclesiastes 3:1, it states that “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11 declares that, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”  BUT, “do not grow weary” while waiting, because “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31).

Year 2017 may not have brought you everything you wanted and desired, but, remember what you accomplished and praise God for your successes.  I encourage you to never get discouraged while waiting, because God is preparing you for what’s to come.  In Year 2018, continue to believe in miracles.  Never lose the desire to dream big!


“Just Be Held”

Casting Crowns wrote a song in 2014 called, “Just Be Held.”  During this Christmas season, this song reminds me about how the world brings chaos and disappointment into our lives. Many people lost loved ones this year, and the memory of them not being here for the holidays causes sadness.  For others, Christmas did not turn out the way they planned it, and they are dealing with depression and disappointment.  Some will put on a fake smile and make the best of the holidays even if they have lost the Christmas cheer.  This song, “Just Be Held” brings comfort to those who are sad, depressed, and disappointed.  It reminds us that no matter what we are going through, we are held by our Heavenly Father.

In the beginning of the song it talks about how we are expected to “hold it all together [because] everyone needs you strong.”  In times of sorrow or trouble, people expect us to be strong for the whole family during the holidays.  The truth is, God does not expect that from us.  He sees your hurt and realizes you are barely holding on.   You are on the verge of your breaking point.  God sees that and wants you to be held by Him.

The chorus tells us to stop fighting in our flesh, surrender to God, and lay our burdens down at Jesus’ feet.  Matthew 11:28-30 tells us to give our burdens to God and rest in Him.  When we hold on to our hurt, regret, and shame, we exhaust ourselves and become weak in the Spirit.  We begin to feel alone and think we are falling apart.  We feel like we are too far gone to  find peace again.  We feel like we are in a war that will never end.  That is when we get on our knees and call out Jesus’ name, because God is “on the throne” and He will hold us in the midst of our life’s storms.  He tells us to stop holding on and to trust Him in His arms.

The song continues to encourage us to not focus on our circumstances and to focus on the cross.  Deuteronomy 31:6 tells us that God “will never leave [us] nor forsake [us].”  The cross represents God’s love for us.  He cares about our every need (Philippians 4:19).  God wipes away our tears and turns our circumstances into something beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3).  He turns the ashes into beauty.

Next week as we come together with family and friends, let this song be a reminder that God wants to hold us in His arms through the hurt, the sadness, and the regret of what this season has brought into our lives.  His love overwhelms you with His peace.  Remember, to be held by our Heavenly Father is the most precious place to be.







The Christmas Blues

During the holidays, some people are excited about buying presents for the ones they love.  They enjoy gathering with their family and friends as they celebrate the joy of Christmas.  They cannot wait to put up the tree and decorations.  While others dread the awkwardness of gatherings and crowds.  They dread the decorations, because no one is there to see it.  The holidays remind them of the ones they lost this year or the singleness that it brings.  For me, the holidays bring sadness.  The gatherings remind me of how lonely I am.  I usually wait until everyone sits so all the couples can sit together.  I get asked if I am dating or when will I get married.  The response is awkward, and I get the “what’s wrong with me look” or sympathy.  I never feel like I fit into big crowds.  I am always singled out without anyone intentionally making me feel this way.  It just happens.

The holidays are supposed bring happiness and joy.  It is not supposed to make you feel alone and rejected.  This year I decided to make a change and decided to go on an online Christian dating site hoping to have a boyfriend by Christmas.  You see, I made a big mistake.  I have only had disappointment or fear by being on this site which made it worse for the holidays.  I set myself up for failure.

The thing is, Christmas is not about how I feel, but it is about Jesus’ birthday.  I should have joy, because Jesus was born to save the world. He was born of a virgin, and He was God and man in one.  He came to live on earth to teach us about His Father, on how to live a pure life, and what it means to sacrifice our lives for others.  He taught us how to love unconditionally and how to forgive.  Christmas is not about us; It’s about Him!

My pastor talked yesterday about how Jesus’ birth was not perfect.  It was full of disappointment and rejections.  Jesus was born in a manger with animals and hay around him.  My pastor reminded the congregation that the stable was not an ideal place to give birth, let alone our Savior’s birth.  It smelled and was damp.  It was not the most sterile place to have a baby.  The first Christmas was messy and not what Mary and Joseph expected.

We can all relate to Jesus’ story of His birth that life is not perfect, but we can enjoy what is good in our lives.  During the holidays, we need to see what we have rather than what we lack.  We need to enjoy the people we have in our lives today and be in remembrance of those who are no longer with us.  Let us not miss out on the people we share life with today.  Let us not grieve over what we do not have and miss out on the blessings God wants to give us through Jesus’ birth.  We have plenty to celebrate!  So let us, including myself, move past the Christmas blues and start making memories of today!

God, I’m Tired!

Have you ever been so defeated, you have told God, “I’m tired of ______________!”?  You fill in the blank of what you are tired of doing or being.  Maybe you are tired of running away from God and losing the battle.  Maybe you are tired of fighting your own battle when you need to give it to the Lord to fight for you.  It could simply be just being too busy and never stopping to rest in Jesus’ arms.

We all get exhausted from the demands of this world.  We all have moments when we want to scream, “I quit!”  These are the moments when we need to stop and realize we are doing things under our own power rather than God’s.  We are working in the flesh.  If we were working under God’s power, we would live in victory rather than in defeat.

It comes a time when we can only do so much through our own strength, and we have to say to God, “I need You!”  We have to allow God to be on the front line of the battlefield and take the lead over our situations and emotions.  We must get up and dust ourselves off and try again.  We don’t remain in defeat, but we stand up to the challenge!

Instead of saying, “I’m tired of:

We need to say, “I’m tired of:
feeling defeated by satan!
feeling broken and unworthy by satan!
letting my emotions get the best of me!

I encourage you to declare positive and encouraging words over yourself.  You can defeat the devil by telling him he has no room in your life to make you miserable.  Crush the devil’s schemes by empowering yourself with God’s truth.  What does God say about who you are?  What does God say about that situation you cannot seem to have victory in?  Instead of being defeated and depressed, be bold and stand strong on God’s Word!

We Need Jesus!

You don’t realize how much you need God until you don’t have Him in your life!
Do you believe this statement is true?

We all have stepped away from God at some point in our lives.  No matter if we have done it once or several times, we all know what it feels like to be without God.

We may have walked away from God because of a bad situation.  We may have become distant, because life is good, and we think we don’t need Him anymore.  There are many reasons why we walk away from Christ.  I know I am guilty of stepping away from God.  I remember once I was so consumed with life issues that I walked away from God’s presence for a short period of time.  I was in a confused state of mind and decided to do life without God.

I learned something about myself during the season of darkness and confusion.  I need God in every moment of my life.  The truth is, you do too!  God wants the good, the bad, and the ugly in all of us.  In the bad times, we need to press into God more and soak in His presence.  In the good times, we need to thank God for everything He has done and is doing in our lives.  God is a part of every season we walk through in life.  We cannot do life without God in it, no matter how hard we try to run away from Him!

The Bible is full of encouraging Scripture.  The Word tells us that God helps us in time of need.  Hebrews 4:16 says to “come boldly to the throne of our gracious God.  There we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.”  When we come to God with our problems, He gives us grace to meet our needs.  Philippians 4:19 tells us God cares about us and supplies our every need.

We are conquerors through Christ.  In 1 John 5:4, it declares that “everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.”   Our needs are met by God whether He is helping us through a difficult time or celebrating a victory in our lives.  He is always there cheering us on to bigger and better things!   

When we are on our knees, we are victors in Christ!
When we are seeking God’s presence over our lives, we will be conquerors through Christ!

To sum up this blog, we need Jesus every second, every minute, every hour, every day for the rest of our lives!  We simply need God to be our everything!

Question About A Publishing Company

Is anyone familiar with Christian Faith Publishing?  They are out of Pennsylvania.  The company is interested in publishing my book, but I am not sure if they are legit.  I have reserached information about the company, and it seems legit. Now I want to see if anyone here knows about them and whether or not they are a good company to go with to publish my book.

And, what are some good questions to ask a publisher before signing a contract with them?  I am new to all this and want to get the best experience and information before committing to a publishing company.

Dream Big

“Never be afraid to dream big! You will always have the what-ifs if you do not try to reach your goals. Believe in yourself, because God believes in you!”

How many of you believe in the statement above?
Do you believe your dreams will come true?
Do you believe that God is a God of impossible?

As God’s creation, we are made to believe in the impossible.  We are to never give up on our dreams.  God put a desire in our hearts to want more than what this world offers.  He wants us to believe in the miracles and in the things that cannot be seen.

I have always believed that if your dream does not scare you, dream bigger!  Dream with boldness, and do not be scared of failure.  The only regret you will have is not trying to make your dreams come true.  You will always have the what-if’s if you never try to go after your dreams!

I encourage you this week to believe in yourself and remember that your dreams matter! Spend some time in prayer and ask for God’s guidance in your life.  It could be an unfulfilled dream or desire.  Pray for wisdom over the matter.  Allow God to lead you towards your dreams.  When your dreams do come true, remember to stand in awe of who God is in your life and thank Him for all He does for you!

The “Thankful Jar” Challenge

We have so much to be thankful for in life.  So many times we only look at the negative instead of the positive.  We complain rather than be thankful for the life we have.  I know I am guilty of this mindset.  I can think of more negative things than positive that has happened in my life.  It is harder to stop and think about the good when life is chaotic and unfair.

BUT here is a challenge for you to change your thoughts to be positive and see the good in your life!  Get a jar and decorate it as you please and call it your “thankful jar”.  Each week write something you are thankful for and date it.  Put the piece of paper in the jar.  At the end of the year, read everything you were thankful for this year.

I encourage you to do this challenge with a friend, spouse, or co-worker.  This will help you be accountable to continue to be thankful each week.  If you feel comfortable, swap your “thankful jar” with the person who is doing the challenge with you and read each other’s encouragements.

Year 2016 focus on the positive in your life rather than the negative!  I encourage you to remember how good God is even when life is not going your way.


The Old Mentality Syndrome

We tend to hold on to the old mindsets from our past whether it is physical or emotional.  Our past drains us and hinders us from moving forward in life.  We stay in a place where we still believe we have the same issues because of our insecurities.  Our insecurities may be fear, anxiety, worry, or even disbelief.  The truth is, we are not crippled anymore.  We are whole in Christ.

Recently, I have had surgery to help keep me well from having sinus infections.  The doctor says the surgery was a success, and I am well.  But, I am still living a life of fear.  After being sick for six years, this mentality is all I know.  My immune was low, and I could not be around people who just had the sniffles or I would get sick.  I am living in disbelief that I have my life back.  Even though I heard the doctor say the words, “I am well,” it almost seems to be a dream, not reality.  I am living in an old mindset when God says, “I am healed.”  Through Christ I have to believe I am whole again!  I am not crippled by a disease anymore.  I have to believe I am healed!

What old mentality are you believing today?  Are believing that nothing has changed when God has healed you?  What lie is satan reminding you of every day that keeps you in the past rather than the present?

I challenge you this week to evaluate your life and see where you are still living in the past.  What insecurities get in the way for you to live whole in Christ?  What is holding you back from seeing the truth in your life?

Do not let old mindsets get in the way of living in the present!  You are no longer crippled from the past.  You are whole in Christ!  You are complete in Him!  Let 2016 be a year of celebration and victories!