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The Faith.Hope.Love blog’s main purpose is to encourage others and spread God’s Word.  I need your help to continue encouraging people who need to hear the Word of God.  There are people who need to hear about our suffering and heartache to see that we are no different than they are.  They need to read about how God changed your life.

Your story will give others hope!
Your story will give another person strength to go through life’s storms!
Your story matters!

So…if God is leading you, please write your testimony on my page.  Share about God’s love on my page.  Let’s change the world by our actions and words.  Let’s make a difference in someone’s life!  Are you ready?


14 thoughts on “Readers’ Testimonies

  1. I lived in Auldgirth Dumfries until I was nine years old. My parents moved to Stewarton in Ayrshire both these places are in Scotland. After moving to Stewarton I became homesick for Auldgirth.
    I never understood what homesickness was at the time I just felt broken hearted and longed to move back to where I belonged. At 14 I had my first drink. It took all my pain away.
    I just wanted to drink all the time; by the age of 18 I was an alcoholic, I used drink to hide my pain.
    I learned to put on acts where ever I went, I tried to be a person that pleased everybody as I was afraid that things would be taken away from me again.
    God touched my life when I was 18 I became born again. I took Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. In church I was to afraid to tell people who I was deep down in case they ‘hated’ me. I spent ten years hiding who I was inside and kept drinking although I was a Christian. Everyday I wanted to die as death seemed my only escape.
    I ended up feeling ashamed, guilty, unlovable and as if my heart was as black and dirty as it could possibly get. I ended up in a YWAM rehab.
    Father God began to speak to me about his love and acceptance, I wanted to run but deep down knew I had to stay.The choice was love or self hatred and death. I ended up clean and sober.
    Father God took my by the hand and walked me through my pain. It was hard but worth it.
    Today I run overcomer’s in church for people struggling with addictions and any life controlling problems like depression, self hatred and rejection.
    I work in a community in Ayr helping people on the street with life in general. I have been clean and sober for 22 years. Jesus set me free.
    My blog is to encourage Christians who are hiding within themselves to see they are loved and accepted for who they are. It is for men as well as women.

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    • Thank you for sharing your story! God did an amazing thing in you! Wow! I love how God works. He not only healed physically and emotionally, but he put you in a place to help others. I thank God for blessing you and giving your life back. I have read your blog and I love reading your posts. They are encouraging and truthful. God’s truth!

      Thank you again for being transparent on my page and tell your story. You touch my life with your words, and I pray you touch others as well.

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  2. My story often feels unimportant, or as if I’m making too much out of certain things. I’ve never had to deal with a serious illness, or being homeless, or an addict, or an orphan…things that many are experiencing every day, and that are certainly important and not something to “just get over.” But my life has been a constant struggle in a different way, in a way that still made me feel rejected, worthless, not needed. And I know others have shared my experience.
    I grew up with an undiagnosed learning disorder, in a dysfunctional household, where help for my condition and its symptoms was not provided, or even considered necessary. This meant that getting through school was almost impossible…between academic challenges and not being treated well by other children (and even many teachers) led to severe depression, and at times a feeling of just wanting to give up on life.
    For two decades, I lived hating myself, dreading waking up in the morning and having to go through another day of hell, of trying not to lose hope, of struggling to find joy in what I could. I wasn’t in a spiritually sound household, so God was never mentioned as a way to help solve problems. I knew nothing about the power of prayer, or that Jesus isn’t just some guy who was nailed to a cross for wanting people to be nice to each other; but the Person we can go to with anything, no matter who we are or what we’ve done.
    When I was in college, I got involved with practicing Wicca/Neo-Paganism, because the people I met who were in a coven were nice to me and accepted me as I was – rather than many Christians I had met, who rejected me for not fitting into their idea of what a Christian should be. Though I have since renounced all my involvement with these things – following a commandment of the Lord – I don’t regret my time in this venture, since I was in an environment where I felt loved and respected and not pressured to change faster than I was able to. It also showed me that many Christians only want to evangelize to those they feel comfortable approaching – a lapsed Catholic, or an agnostic Jew, for example – rather than a practicing Wiccan. We are instructed to try to reach the whole world with the message of the gospels – whether we like the whole world or not. To this day, I am thankful for receiving that teaching, and I pray for people in covens or following these beliefs in a solitary fashion – God loves them, too, and He will always offer them an open invitation to grace.
    Anyway, after many years of still struggling as an adult – with depression, anger, impulsive behavior, and not wanting to form relationships – about 3 years ago, I started praying for something previously undreamed of – that God would heal me from the inside out. I went to a prayer and worship service where an intercessor received a message for me – that I needed to take hold of my healing. It was there, it was real, and available – but I wasn’t accepting it. It was only a few months ago that I realized what that meant. My task in this was to let go of all the hurt that I have, to forgive all those who had wronged me (and believe me, it’s a long list), and to trust in God to make things right.
    I still face that challenge every day. But I sincerely hope to make it through to the other side, to the place where agonies of the past don’t hurt anymore, and when I can confidently tell others that it is possible, it is true, and it can happen to them. That God can do all things.

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    • I apologize for just responding to your testimony. Today is the first day it has been calm enough to read blogs and my messages. Your testimony is incredible. Do not let anyone tell you it is insignificant. It is powerful. And thank you for sharing your story on my page. That took boldness and bravery. God has done amazing things in your life. And one day I truly believe God will call on you to minister to those who practice Wiccan. There is a reason you had to walk through turmoil to find God and He will use those things to bring others to Christ. Tell your story! It’s worth telling!

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      • Thank you. I don’t regret that part of my life, since I didn’t know better, and not only has my sin been covered by the Cross, but, as you said, my experience may help others. I met a lot of converts to NeoPaganism, and many of them were raised in a church of some sort (Catholic, Baptist, etc.), and left Christian congregations because they felt their spiritual needs and desires weren’t being recognized or encouraged.
        A wonderful brother who went to be with the Lord about a year ago, named John Paul Jackson, ministered to Wiccans, Neo-pagans, Druids, etc., and he encountered the same that I did. These poor people had felt betrayed and abandoned by the Body, which is not how we’re supposed to behave. Some Christians really balk at the idea of me once practicing witchcraft — without seeming to be grateful that I no longer am!
        There is so much that the Church has put aside or avoided because it makes them uncomfortable — and yet they read in the Bible all the time how Jesus had dinner with prostitutes and tax collectors, how he healed leapers and the lame and the possessed without ever caring what others thought of him, how he spent the night in the house of a possibly heretical priest — because Nicodemus asked Him what the truth was, and Jesus freely gave him answers. If we really want to be more like Jesus, then we have to behave more the way He did!

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      • I took your advice and posted a page with my (mostly full) testimony on The Invisible Moth. I do pray that what I’ve been through will speak to others who are hurt or lost or in need of finding some truth. Thank you!

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  3. I could not leave a reply on your page so I am writing it on here as a response. I am so proud of you for sharing your testimony on your page. I know that took courage and boldness to be so transparent. The most exciting part about sharing your story is showing others how to be open with their testimony. It is like a ripple effect. Others will follow your lead and write their story on your page or on their page. This is what it is all about — sharing our testimony for others to strengthen their faith by our example. Again, I am proud of you for taking such a bold step in your faith. God will bless you for sharing His love with others by telling your story.

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  4. You have read the Testimony below of my Childhood April and gave a beautiful response but as you asked I have shared it here too but my life continued and included deception that I had came from an Ape and Jesus and the Bible were just made up, so I was an Atheist for almost 30 years and this included being involved with the Occult but I was only an Atheist in my head not my heart or I would still be one today, Jesus rescued me at the point of death and still carries me in the Storms of life, yes He raises me up!

    A Life that is Blessed by God’s Mercy and Grace…..

    My first memory was at about the age of 3, hiding under the bed because my birth Mother who was an Alcoholic use to belt me when she came home from the Hotel, I was very frightened of her, she use to pull my hair, kick and hit me, why she did this I was never sure but I think it was because my father wouldn’t marry her, I was the result of her having an affair with him, sadly I suffered nightmares for many years as a child because of her abuse.

    My brother John, I called him Johnny, was two years older than me, I haven’t seen him since I was 5 years old although I have tried many times to find him, he use try to protect me as best he could but he wasn’t strong enough. At other times when my mother wasn’t drunk she use to just ignore me.

    When I was 4 she left me at my fathers factory door with a note saying… you can have her I don’t want her, my father took me home and no doubt he made up a story, but his wife Edie knew, as I was told later, that I was his lust child, anyway I was a lot like him so it would not have been hard to work out, which means no doubt Edie found it very hard knowing he had been unfaithful.

    Edie wasn’t cruel to me and provided the basics like food and clothes, but I was neglected and would often be left alone or with strange Uncles and Neighbours, Edie never showed any Love to me and both her and Dad use to argue all the time, I was often very frightened and tried to stay out-of-the-way.

    I didn’t have a lot of time with Dad because he came home very late at night and then later he was in and out of Hospital. Thankfully towards the end of his life through contact with a Minister he repented and accepted Salvation.

    One night he called me into his bedroom and holding me close to him, very softly said to me … Be a Sunbeam for Jesus and keep shining, I kissed him goodnight and he closed his eyes and opened them in Heaven.

    I was 8 when Dad died and was then cared for alternately by two different families both only for a short time, I think because of my being Dyslexic and having problems learning, I was too much trouble so they sent me back.

    Edie then left me with a Neighbour when I was 9 to visit her daughter in N.Z who was my half Sister, we met each other about 12 years ago, sadly she died December 2011. Edie never came back, she told Mum to put me in an Orphanage but Mum kept me and then Adopted me when I was older.

    Because of not being cared for properly I was sexually molested from the age of 3 till in my early Teens by 5 different men the last one was a Doctor who raped me, as you can imagine it took years to come to terms with, but I was only really healed when as a Christian I forgave those men who had hurt me and this was the same with my birth father, birth mother, Edie and others, of course I still have the memory but not the pain that went with the abuse.

    How did I start my walk with the Lord and experienced God’s Love, Power Mercy and Grace in my life, I was a very lonely little girl of 8 years who was Dyslexic and shunned by the Children at School, nobody wanted to be my friend and it hurt greatly, they called me the dummy, even the Teachers thought I was mentally challenged. With not being able to read and write until I was over 12 years old, I found it hard to relate to my lessons and so was inattentive during class and was often in trouble.

    One night I ended up going to big Church, I had only ever gone to Sunday School… now I’m sure the Minister would have talked about why we need to repent and Salvation and all that involves but all I heard was Jesus Loves you and wants to be your friend, it really hit home … Jesus wanted me to be His friend WOW I rushed down the front, someone wanted Me to be their FRIEND… I sang and danced all the way home my Joy was so overwhelming, I have never forgotten it.

    I was not followed up because I was only a child of 8, but I had a FRIEND and I played dolls with Jesus and I told him all about feeling hurt and asked Him to help me be good .Jesus helped me with my learning problems l will share how as we continue on our journey.

    Lamentations 3: 33 For God doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the Children of Men.

    Please hold onto this Truth from God in the Scriptures, He knows us before we are conceived and it is not His will we suffer but He knows that we will and strengthens us. Even after all that happened to me some of which my childlike mind repressed till many years later, I was always a people person and loved visiting the elderly and other Neighbours. I use to pick flowers from their own garden and give them as a gift, it was my way of saying thank you for your friendship, of course they knew but there was always a warm welcome, bickies and warm milk and so I also knew kindness from those who God put in my life to lighten the load of a little lost girl, I also had the gift of humour but at times I was very sad and so I use to sing to Jesus and that always made me feel much better.

    The rest of my Testimony covers many years of being in confusion untill I saw The Light and knew without doubt that Jesus our Lord and Saviour is a wonderful reality.

    Thank you April for your interest in others, you are a beautiful caring Sister in Christ Jesus.

    “Christ”ian Love – Anne.

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    • Wow!! Just wow! Thank you for sharing your story! That took bravery and I appreciate your willingness to make your life into a testimony. It brought tears to my eyes. No child should ever go through what you went through. I am so sorry for that. I am so thank you found God who loves you and will never abandon you. Keep telling your story and blessing others by being transparent. If you do not mind, I would like to reblog your story one day on my page for encourage. I would like your permission first.

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      • You have my permission April, I Trust you, I know your heart focus is to plant good seeds for our Abba Father knowing He will send someone to water them and than He will reap a wonderful harvest through Jesus Christ as He lives in us.

        Your Loving heart April is also seeking to Minister to those in need, may you be greatly Blessed for your faithfulness.

        Blessings – Anne.

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      • Thank you for giving me permission to tell your story on my page. This is my vision. I would like to take these testimonies including mine and start a new series about our stories and how God changed us. Each day I would highlight someone’s story and show God’s love through heartache. I would show how God heals the hurt and makes you whole again. It will be a powerful series. I am praying when God wants me to start writing it. 🙂


  5. when I was younger I struggled with the fact that I am adopted. I finally came across the greatest reality that even though I cant be with or know my birth mom at this point and time. My constant and only hope is in my father. He has been there since the day I was born and when I was taken to the hospital and left there by my birth mom. He was there where I went after the hospital and I know that he is always looking after me giving me the BEST! That is my Heavenly Father! Padre, Dios!

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    • Thank you for sharing your story! It is powerful! I pray you continue to walk your journey out with God and be reminded that you are a child of God! Blessings!!!


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