I have been pondering for days on what to write for Christmas.  I wanted to write about the true meaning of the holiday.  I did not want to write about the world’s view of what Christmas looks like.

It’s not about buying everyone everything on their wish list.  It’s not about how many decorations you have in your home.  Yes, those things are great but there’s more to Christmas.  We get all wrapped up in commercializing the holiday that we forget what this day really means.

Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior! He came to earth to die for our sins.  He left heaven to be with us! Jesus was God in human form. What other gifts can compare to Jesus!?! Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas!

Tomorrow, 2,000 years ago, Jesus came to our rescue by being born by Virgin Mary. He is our miracle! Let us not forget the true meaning of the first Christmas with baby Jesus laying in a manger! Let us remember He grew up to be our Savior! Let’s be thankful for His sacrifices He made for us so we could know Him in our hearts!

That’s the true meaning of Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Jesus

  1. So true! Without Jesus, not only would we probably not celebrate a holiday focusing on God’s mercy and grace, but we wouldn’t have available to us the chance to reach out for His salvation, mercy, grace, love, and guidance every day of the year! Oh, come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!

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