When discouraged, keep doing right things

My Featured Weekly Blog is written by Mustard Seed Budget Ministry called, “When discouraged, keep doing right things.” It is a great read to encourage you to do the right thing even when you are facing oppression.

Mustard Seed Budget

when discouraged

The bane of most is to succumb to discouragement, to compromise your values, to lower your sights, to throw out your dreams in search of pleasure instead of goals.

Keep believing in higher goals, even when others don’t believe in you, when others ridicule your dreams and scoff at your possibilities. Keep doing right things in the midst of overwhelming discouragement.

This is the trademark of Joseph, who, sold into slavery, kept serving his God with enthusiasm, who, next incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit, continued in the straight and narrow. When his day came, he became vice president of Egypt and saved the very people who nearly killed him.

This is the trademark of Daniel, who was ripped from his homeland and taken captive to a foreign land. With no discernible future, he steadfastly served God and wound up distinguishing himself from all those who settled for less.

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2 thoughts on “When discouraged, keep doing right things

  1. Yes April we are to seek to do what is right because evil leads to fear and discouragement and one thing that is very needed is knowing what we are to Aim for and what our focus should be and we see this confirmed in the Scripture below.

    Matthew 6:19 -21 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break through and steal But lay up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal For where your Treasure is there will your heart be also.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne.

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