Share Your Story

This is a friendly reminder that I have a page called, “Readers’ Testimonies” where you can share your testimony on my page.  The purpose of this page is to encourage others by not being afraid to be transparent.  If you feel comfortable and if God is nudging you to tell your story, stop by my Readers’ Testimonies page to read other stories and share yours.

I pray you have a blessed day!!!


5 thoughts on “Share Your Story

    • Thank you for helping me to promote my Readers’ Testimonies page. Your story is incredible, and I know it has helped others by sharing. Thank you for always being transparent and being true to yourself. God is honoring you in your obedience.

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      • Thank you for saying this. I really hope you’re right. I generally haven’t been encouraged to be so honest and open about my pre-“saved” past. To face the opposite is very humbling for me.

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      • Our stories keep us humble, that’s for sure! And, I totally believe your testimony matters. It has touched many lives, including mine. It shows the power of God and never forget that. Through your story, God’s love is portrayed. Your story brings people to Christ!

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