The Battle Within

We all struggle with our flesh.  At times, we let our emotions and actions dictate who we are rather than seek God for answers.  We act before hearing from God.  Our heart tells us one thing when our mind tells us another.  We question who God is in those moments and blame Him for making bad decisions.

We start wrestling with ourselves.  We put ourselves on a battlefield.  One side is God’s purpose for our lives and the other side is the enemy telling us lies.  It is a tug-of-war on what’s right and wrong.  Confusion and chaos surrounds us, and we cannot think clearly.  We struggle with flesh and spirit.  There are times when we cannot determine who is speaking to us — God or satan.  It is like we are in a fog and cannot see past our own emotions.  We are angry and frustrated with ourselves, because we caused this chaotic battle within us.  We begin to blame ourselves for our actions and start to doubt who we are by what we do.

Currently, I am dealing with uncertainty.  I have a decision to make that will have a ripple effect, not just for me, but it will effect others.  I do not know if God or satan is talking and until I know who is giving me these commands, I will not move forward.  I will stand still in God’s presence until I have a clear answer.  If I move in the midst of the fog, I would be on the battlefield playing tug-of-war between God and satan.

The battle within us can be deep rooted.  The battlefield may look different for you.  I want to encourage you to not move until God says so.  Let the fog lift before making a difficult decision and cause a ripple effect in your life.

We can create our own battle by making poor decisions based off emotions.  I had someone tell me once, “Don’t make an emotional decision.  Make decisions when your mind is clear.”  When we make smart choices, we have less regrets!  Rather than wrestle with our flesh, let’s hear from God and make the right decisions based on God’s will for our lives.


2 thoughts on “The Battle Within

  1. I hope that you make it through this time soon, and that you feel confident in the decision you make. Remember that sometimes what we see as a bad happening is actually the best thing that could occur at that point. We don’t always see the end at the beginning, but God does, and, you’re right, when we make a choice based on hearing from Him, things will always turn out for the best. Hang in there!

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  2. I hear your turmoil. I will pray and ask Father God to lift the fog and speak clearly to you. Sometimes we can wait before making any decision we don’t
    have to be pressured into making it just now. Bless You


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