Today, my post may look different but every writing comes from the heart.  Especially this topic — BULLYING.  Everyone is affected by bullying.  No matter our age — young or old — we are affected in some way or another.  Sometimes bullying comes from places you least expect it.  Places that should lift you up not tear you down.  People that you expect to speak an encouraging word to you, but instead you are mocked.

Bullying is defined as using superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.  Other words to describe bullying are: persecute, oppress, tyrannize, harass, torment, dominate, coerse, pressure, and push.  Bullying is a cowardly way to bring someone down and make him or her feel worthless.  Usually bullies have their own insecurities and one of the ways to build their confidence is to put others down.

As Christians, we are expected to be persecuted for our faith and to stand up for what we believe in.  But, as Christians, we are not supposed to bully people, because of someone’s personality, hobbies, fears, and so forth.  We are supposed to encourage each other.  We are not to be jealous of each other but love one another.

Bullying affects so many emotions and it hurts!  It causes:

Currently, I am dealing with a bully who I do not know how to handle.  I am trying to be the better person, but it’s getting difficult.  I feel more like an outcast than part of a team.  I don’t know where I fit in or belong.  I do know one thing: God does not want me to feel defeated and let go of something I love to do because of a bully.  I may feel weak today, but I will stand up and try again.  I won’t quit!

If you are being bullied, please remember that what is being said about you is not true!  God loves you unconditionally!  You are wanted by an Almighty God who adores you!  He made you who you are and be proud of YOU!  Don’t change for anyone, because you want to feel accepted and loved.  It’s not worth it!  You should never have to change for someone who does not accept you for the REAL YOU!!!

You are loved by God!
You are defined by God!
You are accepted by God!

5 thoughts on “Bullying

    • I totally agree! I never really fit in into the crowd before so I don’t know why I am concerned about it now. Thank you for reminding me that belonging to God is so much better than listening to the world.


      • I’ve struggled a lot with just wanting to be accepted and not have to fight to feel understood…so I think that while it’s, to a point, a normal wanting…it’s really brought about much more by the world/our society than the longing God plants in our hearts. Once we learn that, and start to really accept that truth, we start to find real peace. I struggle with that, too!

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