God’s Point of View – Part One


As we grow in our Christian walk, our perspective on life changes drastically. God’s perspective can be compared to looking through “a telescope” (Merriam-Webster.com). God continues to adjust the lens until we see a clear view of the object. The clearer the view, the closer we are to God. When we come to Christ, He will gradually transform us into His image.

We begin to see how God sees. In the Book of Psalm, chapter 119, verse 18, it says, “open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.” When we spend time with God and read His Word, we will get to know His heart and see God’s point of view over worldly matters. Our hearts will be filled with His compassion, and He will show us His desires of this world.

Rick Warren wrote an article in December of 2012 called, “Develop God’s Perspective on Life.” He talks in great detail of God’s perspective and defines perspective as “understanding something because [we] see things from a larger frame of reference. It is the ability to perceive how things are interrelated and then judge their comparative importance. […] In the spiritual sense, it means seeing life from God’s point of view.”


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