Blogging for Jesus…

My Featured Blog for this week is written by Freedomborn. This is an encouraging posts that will help you understand why you write, and if your writing Christian, this is the perfect blog for you to read.


Blogging for Jesus 7
Are you  Blogging for Jesus Christ our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, if so you are not alone, we are all part of The Body of Christ and God’s Family, as we share the wonderful Hope we have in The Lord,  we are joined not just by the  Internet but by The Holy Spirit.
Have you ever wondered what they did without Computers T.V and Newspapers in Ancient times, how they stayed  in touch with the latest events. They used the City gates, it was a place for all kinds of important activity in the life of the City and those who lived there. 
People would discuss the issues of the day and the issues of life, the respected Elders offered their knowledge, wisdom and insight to settle commercial disputes and other matters effecting the life of the people of the City, a place of trial and adjudication, municipal law courts. Kings would use the City gates to pass down judgement…

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