God Did Speak. You Just Weren’t Listening.

My Weekly Featured Blog is written by Samaritan’s Song called, “God Did Speak. You Just Weren’t Listening.”

“When you read the Word, keep it with you. What is said therein will matter to you: if not right now, somewhere down the road. He does speak. We’re just not always great at listening.”

Samaritan's Song

Driving down back-country roads today, I noticed a bright orange sign:

Mowing Ahead

It made sense.  The roads that I drive to work have little to no shoulder, with only a thin expanse of grass separating them from endless acres of farmland.  The big mowers that the state uses to maintain them – behemoth things whose wheels and sides jut out into traffic at times – can startle unsuspecting drivers and, in the worst case, cause a collision.

I skimmed the road ahead of me and saw nothing, but lowered my speed instinctively. Still nothing.  They must have just left the sign out or forgotten about it.  Regaining my speed, I followed the road for a bit longer into a looping curve –  and then there he was right in front of me, a state employee on one of those massive mowers jutting halfway out into the road.

“Oh, you’ve…

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