The Invisible Wounds We Share

My Weekly Featured Blog is written by the rip[ple] effect blog called, “The Invisible Wounds We Share”

“Stop killing every innocent little stinging creature because of a long ago inflicted wound. Discard the pride that says, “I’m perfect, there’s nothing wrong with me”, though our hearts are filled with pain. Build something good, lasting and strong from what was once cruelly destroyed.”

The Place to be Real

When I was a child, I was in the vicinity of someone who was burning out a wasp’s nest in the ground. Thats how we did it back then, pour gasoline in there and light a match. Unfortunately, I was a little to close and several of the angry insects chased me down. To this day I have a very real fear of stinging bugs, and an aggression towards them. It’s a “I’m gonna kill them before they can sting me” mentality. Something inside just switches on and I am flushed with adrenaline and on high alert.

This may seem to be a hardly traumatic, life-changing experience to you, but will serve as a simple example of what I want to get at..our invisible wounds.

A couple things to think about: Some of the highest achievers in this life have been deeply wounded, that is what drives them to an unrelenting pursuit of success in this world. They…

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