A Blank Slate

As a blogger/writer, there are times when I sit in front a computer and stare at a white screen.  I don’t know what to say.  Not because there are no words or thoughts, but because there is much to say and it overwhelms me.  The last few weeks I have been pondering over life, and how to live better.  How to not waste precious time on unimportant things.

A wonderful boss and friend passed away a week ago.  It was sudden and unexpected.  He was well respected by his peers, family, and friends.  As his administrative/secretary, he taught me many life lessons that I will always live by.  He taught me to enjoy life and embrace nature to it’s fullest.  He taught me how you can be a person of authority and yet still be respected through your kindness.  Most of all, he encouraged me to be the best that I could be, no matter what I put my mind to.  He left a legacy that will never be forgotten.  He lived a life with no regrets.  He lived life to the fullest.

How many of us can say we live life to the fullest.  Recently, I have asked myself difficult questions to see if I am living a full life:

  1. Am I going after my dreams or just daydreaming about the what-if’s?
  2. Do I know who I really am?
  3. Am I living for my dreams or someone else’s?
  4. Am I living out God’s desires for my life or am I living out my own desires?
  5. Do fears get in the way of me living to the fullest?

All these questions leave us with a blank slate.  It makes us feel raw and real.  The questions expose the flaws in our lives as well as the good.  It makes us come to terms with who we are and what we do.  Most importantly, the questions answers the reason why we do what we do.  Our motives play a big part in who we are.  Our motives describes our character, and the person God has created us to be.

I want to encourage you to answer these questions honestly to see if you are living life to the fullest.  If not, what is holding you back from going after your dreams?  Is it fear or lack of confidence?  Tomorrow is never promised.  What will you do with that time you have left?  Will you make it count or will you waste it on useless things?  Life is all about living in the fullness of God.  Make your life count and leave a legacy for others to live by.


This post is in memory of Dr. Richard Thomas Bothel, 1946-2016. 

3 thoughts on “A Blank Slate

  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts to Ponder and commented:

    My New Weekly Blog: A Blank Slate

    Tomorrow is never promised. What will you do with that time you have left? Will you make it count or will you waste it on useless things? Life is all about living in the fullness of God. Make your life count and leave a legacy for others to live by.


  2. I’m sorry for your loss, April. Remember that there’s a plan and a purpose behind everything, and you can be grateful for what you gained from knowing him. And it’s very important not to have regrets, and to feel that we lived our lives well.

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    • Thank you! Your words are perfect. People come into your life for a season to teach you something, and I am very grateful for such an amazing boss. His passing reminded me of living to the fullest and wanting to live every day with purpose.

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