Hidden Flaws Exposed

Today, I am going to be transparent.  It is difficult being honest with ourselves and others, because it brings out our imperfections.  Our insecurities and fears are exposed to those around us and then shame sets in because people see us as imperfect beings.  What we hid for so long is now reminding us we are not good enough.  We are not perfect anymore.

We are sometimes mocked for being ourselves, because it is not what people expected.  That is one reason why I continue being someone who everybody will accept.  I do not allow people to see my flaws, because I used to believe the imperfections made me ugly.  I’m realizing I need to be myself and stop being what everyone else wants me to be.

Yes, I am person who deals with envy, hurt, relationship issues, fear, etc.  I am not perfect.  I am an imperfect being who needs Jesus every day to work on my flaws and to give me hope.

Life can be unfair and cruel, and our emotions can get the best of us.  It is so easy to become depressed and blame everyone else for our faults.  We can shut down and not allow anyone into our lives.  It is a choice!

This week I have wanted to walk away from everything and find a place of solitude.  I wanted to stop talking to everyone and shut off the world.  One of my fears is to always be alone, and I realize that I could make this happen without even trying.  God reminded me through the tears and heartache, I was not made to be alone.  He created me to make a difference to those around me.  He gave me the gift to encourage through my words and actions.  God does not want me invisible anymore.  He wants me to get out of the boat and trust Him to walk on water toward Him.  The real question is, can I fully trust God with my life right now?!

Is God exposing your hidden flaws?  Are you allowing Him to get you through this difficult time of finding yourself in the midst of all the rubble and confusion?  The only way to get through anything is with God!


4 thoughts on “Hidden Flaws Exposed

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    Reflection Blog: This blog looks different today. I wrote from the heart and was more personal about current situations that I am dealing with. I wanted to be transparent and wanted the real me to shine today in my writing.


  2. Remember that God isn’t one bit surprised by your flaws, or how far you have to go in a certain area. And He doesn’t want you to do it all alone – it’s very important not to forget that.

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