You Are A God Who Sees Me

In the Book of Genesis, there’s a woman named Hagar.  She was Sarah and Abraham’s servant.  Sarah was unable to have children at this time, and she gave Abraham permission to impregnate Hagar.  Sarah became jealous and envious of Hagar and treated her unfairly.  Hagar ran away while pregnant desperate for God’s help in her situation.  An angel came down and spoke to her and commanded her to return to Abraham and Sarah’s home.  The Lord gave her a promise if she obeyed his commands.  In chapter 16, verse 13, Hagar says, “You are the God who sees me…Have I truly seen the One who see me?”  She was in awe of who God was, and how He cared for her during a time of confusion and despair.

I love this story about how God intervenes in Hagar’s life and shows up in a powerful way.  Hagar’s story reminds us that God sees us and takes care of our needs in every situation.

God sees your tears. He knows what or who has hurt you.  He wipes every tear from your face and comforts you in His arms.

God sees your heart. He knows how you feel. He knows all your emotions.  God sees how stressful situations cause you to have anxiety and worry.  He sees how the things or people of this world broke your heart.  He mends your heart and makes it whole again.

God sees who you are and what you will become.  He not only knows your past and present, but He knows your future.  He sees potential in you to grow spiritually and in individual goals.  Psalm 139 tells you that God knows everything about you – inside and out.  Jeremiah 29:11 declares God knows your future and that you will prosper.  Deuteronomy 31:8 says God goes before you to direct your paths.  The verse promises you that He will never abandon you.

This week remind yourself that God sees you and loves you.  He cares about you.  Whatever is happening in your life, believe that God will see you through it.  He has not forsaken you.  He is clearing the path needed to walk out this journey with Him.  God sees and knows everything about you!




7 thoughts on “You Are A God Who Sees Me

  1. Hi dear April! I am blessed by your posts.Regarding the opening quote from Renee Swope (whom I do not know), I’d like to say the following.
    God sees the truth, which is His glorious Son in those who believe on Him for our righteousness. It’s not who we can become, but (so much better!) who we actually are as our new selves in Christ.


    • Thank you for you input. The way I see that quote is that it is our choice to become who God wants us to be. We have free will. We have to see past where we are today to see where God has for us and then walk that journey out with God. We do become better in Christ, but we have to allow Him to work in our lives. All the quote is saying God sees past who we are today and sees our future and what we will become through Him.


  2. Yes, I like that, “it is our choice to become who God wants us to be. We have to… See where God has for usage then walk that journey out.” Specifically, I was pointing out the importance of knowing our subjective position in Christ (God’s truth: we have already been crucified to our old man and already glorified in the new heavenly man, Christ – see last phrase of Romans 8:30 for a mind-blower). Of course it needs to be walked out to become our objective experience, but is is vital to KNOW and act from what God has already accomplished in our behalf in Christ.


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