Are You a Princess/Prince in God’s Kingdom?

Earlier this week, I wrote about our identity in Christ and how God made us a princess or a prince in His Kingdom.  We must have certain qualities to look like a princess/prince.  Our actions and words must reflect who Jesus is in our lives.  Today, I will be writing about the qualities needed to become a princess or prince for God.  God expects us to act a certain way for others to see Christ in us.  The list below are just a few things that we can do to look like a princess or prince for God’s Kingdom:
(The information below comes from

  • Be noble
    • Dignity
    • Chooses words wisely
    • Makes good decisions
  • Selfless
    • Thinks of others before him or herself
  • Trusting
  • Kindness
    • Gentle
    • Generous
    • Compassionate
    • Good-natured
    • Forgiving
  • Humble
    • Humility
    • Does not expect special treatment from others
    • Does not boast or brag
  • Respectable and Admirable
    • Respect others
    • Does not compete with others
  • Galatians 5:22-23
    • Love
    • Joy
    • Peace
    • Patient
    • Kindness
    • Goodness
    • Faithfulness
    • Gentleness
    • Self-Control

“A princess [/prince] is a princess [/prince] regardless of her [/his] attire or her [/his] circumstances” (  Being in God’s royalty is more than the fancy clothes, ballroom dances, and the crown.  Our attitude must represent what a princess or prince is, and always stay humble in our position.  We must always have compassion for those around us and forgive easily.  We are respected by all and not feared.  God expects us to be kind to everyone we meet and treat others as we want to be treated.  Instead of being served, serve others!  Be the princess or prince God called you to be!

Are you acting like a princess or prince should? If not, re-evaluate your life to see what needs to change.  Ask yourself these questions: How can you treat others better?,  How can you change your perspective on a situation or person?, and so forth.  A princess or prince looks different from the world.  Let Jesus shine through you for the world to see!

6 thoughts on “Are You a Princess/Prince in God’s Kingdom?

    • I was not always a princess but that all changed a few years ago. I was living a happy life , a mother and working as a and nurse. I had no idea that my faith was so little even though I’ve always been a practicing catholic. God showed me a miracle and now my life completely changed. I’m much more than that and it took that miracle to help me see this. I thank God everyday!

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  1. We are His royal family, His representatives, and we should try to behave accordingly. I’m trying to teach my son that very important lesson right now. Don’t judge others; even if they’re doing something you know is wrong, because God declares it wrong, treat them with love and respect, and pray for them. Take action to right an injustice; but do it with honor and humility.

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  2. And praise God that in Christ He has given us everything that we need to accomplish His will. It is God Himself who works in us to will and to act according to His good purpose; we have not one ounce of righteousness of our selves. I must write this, for most Christians have not yet truly passed through the fires of God’s judgment sufficiently to be rendered dead to self. John the Baptist ministered a baptism of repentance: I must decrease, He (Christ) must increase!

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  3. We are indeed a royal priesthood a chosen generation and a peculiar people. God Sets A Higher Standard bg setting us apart in Christ. We are Joint – Heirs with the Son of God Jesus Christ our Greatest Example of True Royalty A Paragon of Excellence King of Kings Regent of Highest Decorum. Humbled Himself to pay all price of sin to graft us into God’s Kingdom as God’s Beloved Children. Assured Guaranteed of God’s Love our Bedrock in Covenant. Praise His Excellency and Majesty the LORD of lords. We Serve A Living God Blessed be Holy Name!

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