Our Identity in Christ

The definition of identity is “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.”  Our identity determines our character.  It answers our questions about who we are and what we do on a day-to-day basis.  It is vital that we know our identity so we can live our lives with purpose and with confidence.

This past weekend I was able to spend two days with God at a women’s conference.  The guest speaker, Cindy Williams, spoke on identity and authority over our lives.  She spoke life into us through prophesy and revelation.  It was an incredible weekend that will be unforgettable.  We are valuable to Christ, and so many times we do not understand where God has placed us in His Kingdom.  The conference reminded me of who I am in Christ in a powerful way.

Throughout the Bible, the Scripture declares God as our Lord.  He is majestic and holy.  Psalm 104:1 states that God is “robed with honor and majesty.”  In “everything [God] does reveals His glory and majesty” (Psalm 111:3).  Psalm 8:1 declares God’s “majestic name fills the earth!  [His] glory is higher than the heavens.”

In the Bible, Scripture tells us we are sons and daughters of Christ.  Second Corinthians 6:18 tells us God “will be a Father to [us], and [we] wil be [His] sons and daughters.”  Galatians 4:6 declares we are “God’s child” and His “heir.”  If we are His heir’s, then we are in royalty in His Kingdom.  We are princesses and princes in His Kingdom!!!

Isaiah 62:3 says, “the Lord will hold you in His hand for all to see — a splendid crown in the hand of God.”  He has crowned us and made us known for all to see.  I get this imagery of The Lion King movie when Mufasa raises Simba to the sky on a high rock and proudly shows off His son to the entire animal kingdom.  God is doing the same thing with us!  He is lifting us towards the sky and showing us off to the world.  He is shouting, “Look, this is My child!  I love him/her!  He/she is mine!”

The next time you feel like you have no value or identity, remember God made you a princess/prince, and you are a part of a royal family with Christ!  You are God’s child, and He celebrates you!  He is proud to call you His son or daughter!  He is on the highest mountain shouting, “You are My child!”


3 thoughts on “Our Identity in Christ

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    You are God’s child, and He celebrates you! He is proud to call you His son or daughter! He is on the highest mountain shouting, “You are My child!”


  2. I’m glad you were able to attend an event that rejuvenated your soul in such a way. I know I definitely don’t feel like a princess (maybe Cinderella – ha!), but we could all use the reminder that is how God sees us.

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