Thoughts to Ponder

“Sin is what a person does when he [or she] is not satisfied with God” (A Man Worth Waiting For by Jackie Kendall).

We have all sinned against God, but I have never thought of it this way.  If we do not like God’s answer, and we sin against Him by doing the opposite of what He is telling us to do, we are not satisfied with Him.  When we go against God’s obedience, we are saying we do not trust God enough to have control over our lives.  We begin to live in the flesh rather than living by the Holy Spirit.

To be satisfied with God, we must always stay focused on God’s desires for our lives rather than our own.  To be satisfied with God, we must know God with our heart, soul, and mind.  To be satisfied with God, we must know our weaknesses so we are not tempted to sin in those areas of our lives.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts to Ponder

    • Amen!!! I am glad this post was a great reminder. Every time I write something on here, I am writing about my own faults and insecurities. But I am glad my writings through God help others! 🙂

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