Thoughts to Ponder

We don’t always know God’s plan for our lives or with others, we just have to trust His Will will always guide us back to Him to be even stronger than before.

If you are struggling with hardship, ask God to give you peace over the situation at-hand and trust His Will to be done.  Hardship helps us grow in our faith and makes us stronger by going through it!


5 thoughts on “Thoughts to Ponder

    • I know what you mean when you say easier said than done. My pastors are leaving to be head pastors for another church out of state. I just found out yesterday, and it crushed me. These people mean a lot to me and seeing them go is the hardest thing to do right now. So this blog today hits me hard. It is difficult to see past what I am losing to pray for them. But, I have to believe His Will be done, and they will be honored for their faith. Pastors work for God, not for man. I am just blessed to have been a part of their ministry while they were here. Now, it is my turn to pray for them during this transition.

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      • Yeah, for you, it’s a big, possibly negative (or at least how you see it) thing, but God needs them in this new place, and it’s really cool that He’s trusting them with this task. Not to make light of how you’re feeling… I hope this change runs smoothly for all of you.

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  1. My pastors will bless the new church, and I pray that people will see their value. My church’s loss is great but if it means that someone else will be blessed by these pastors, it’s all worth it.

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