Thoughts to Ponder: Follow The Leader

Yesterday I witnessed birds flying in a straight line following the leader.  It fascinated me about how they all look alike.  They were going the same flight speed, and they were the same distance from each other.  When the leader changed direction, they followed behind with no hesitation.  It was beautiful to watch as they soared in the sky with such elegance and obedience.

We can learn something from the pattern of these birds.  The longer we are in friendship with someone, we begin to be like him or her.  They may influence us in a positive or negative way.  Just like the birds, they followed the leader’s commands without giving it a second thought.  They trusted and believed the leader would not lead them in harms way.   Sometimes our friendships can destroy us by following the wrong leader.

As Christians, we are to be obedient to God’s Word, and our lives should resemble how Jesus lived here on earth.  Those who follow our lead depend on us to make the right choices, and it is vital we live a righteous life.  We either lift our followers up to God, or we put them in danger.  As leaders in the church body, we impact others by our actions and words.

The next time you see someone following your lead, check your motives to see whether or not your actions are from God.   I encourage you to go in the direction God calls you to so you lead others by example.  Be the leader that God calls you to be and stay strong in your faith as you lead others to Christ!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts to Ponder: Follow The Leader

    • Exactly! God had a teaching moment for me yesterday with birds flying in the sky. And, I thought about all that represented. I love how God works. He uses the simple things to teach us something.


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