I Am Loved By God

Today, I will sum up the topics into one devotional.  Throughout the devotion, we have talked about how we are chosen by God and how we are His children.  Each devotion represented His love for us.  1 John 4:8 says “God is love.”  He only knows how to love, because He is pure and holy.

As you have read, God gave up His only son so we could have a relationship with Him (John 3:16; Romans 5:8; Galatians 2:20; Ephesians 4:9-11).  God’s love is unconditional.  His love cannot be explained; it can only be experienced through worship and prayer.

God’s love is like no other.  Psalm 86:15 says, God is “merciful and gracious, [He is] slow to anger, and [He] abound[s] in steadfast love and faithfulness.”  God’s love never wavers under pressure.  The word, steadfast, in the Scripture above means unwavering, loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable, steady, true, constant, and solid.  1 John 3:1 tells us God calls us His children.  He is committed to loving us!  He is the only constant love we can find in our lives.

We need to give thanks to God for always loving us, even when we are unlovable.  Psalm 136:26 says to “give thanks to the God of heaven, for His steadfast love endures forever.”  Romans 5:5 states, “God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”  We feel God’s love through the Holy Spirit who lives in our hearts.  That is incredible!  God not only loves us, but His Spirit lives in us.

Rick Warren said, “God is love.  He didn’t need us.  But He wanted us.  And that is the most amazing thing.”  God’s love goes beyond our comprehension.  God wanted us!  He gave up everything for us!  I encourage you to remember God’s love for you, and the sacrifices He made to call you His child.


3 thoughts on “I Am Loved By God

    • This series really helped me realized I am more than I expected in God. There are so many more topics I could have chosen to write about in this series, but these impacted me the most. I know I lack so much, but, with God, I lack nothing. We are created by the most amazing God, and we should all celebrate who we are in Christ. If we do, we will always have the confidence to remain in our faith and go to God in time of need.

      I pray you find the confidence to know that God loves you and you were chosen by God before you were born. I pray you find the strength to build your faith in Christ and always look towards Him for comfort and courage. I pray you always remember God created you into something beautiful and flawless in His sight!

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