Weekly Re-Blogging

Each week I will re-blog one of my readers posts.  Writing is all about encouraging others. I want to help promote people’s writings to encourage people who are discouraged.  I follow amazing writers who have a heart for God, and I love reading the posts each day for encouragement.  Let’s spread God’s Word by spreading each other’s posts on our page!

I follow 300 blogs that speak about God and celebrate who He is in their lives.  It is incredible to see so many people following after God whole-heartedly.  I have reached over 20 countries through my blog — United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Philippines, France, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Romania, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, Guyana, Brazil, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

You have no idea who you will make an impact on through your words.  Some of these places I have never heard of before.  God’s Word is spreading through the Internet by our obedience to write about Him.  Let’s celebrate this accomplishment together!  This is exciting!

So…Your blog might be featured on my page one week.  If you do not want me to re-blog your posts, please let me know in advance.  I will honor your wishes.

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