Question About A Publishing Company

Is anyone familiar with Christian Faith Publishing?  They are out of Pennsylvania.  The company is interested in publishing my book, but I am not sure if they are legit.  I have reserached information about the company, and it seems legit. Now I want to see if anyone here knows about them and whether or not they are a good company to go with to publish my book.

And, what are some good questions to ask a publisher before signing a contract with them?  I am new to all this and want to get the best experience and information before committing to a publishing company.


6 thoughts on “Question About A Publishing Company

  1. I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything one way or the other about Christian Faith Publishing…I’ve seen ads for them, and that’s it. As someone who has been in a similar position, though (having been approached in the past by magazines, etc. that I had strong doubts about), here’s the advice I would give: Definitely do your research, and ask around as much as you can. And go with your gut feeling. If you’re just not sure, politely decline their offer. Your work is your work, and it’s your choice who else handles it, and I’m sure you want whoever else works on it to take as much care with it as you did. Don’t worry about another offer not coming along; your peace of mind is more important.


    • I found out the good and the bad. The cost of this publisher is not bad for the services they offer but still expensive. I have found other publishers who require more money and do less. This is probably the best publisher company to go with but still looking at my other options. I really do not want to put any money down before selling my book so I am trying to find a literary agent who will accept my work and get paid after the book is published and not before. They do exist but just hard to find.

      Thank you for following up with me on publishing. I am not giving up but just getting started. 🙂


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