Dream Big

“Never be afraid to dream big! You will always have the what-ifs if you do not try to reach your goals. Believe in yourself, because God believes in you!”

How many of you believe in the statement above?
Do you believe your dreams will come true?
Do you believe that God is a God of impossible?

As God’s creation, we are made to believe in the impossible.  We are to never give up on our dreams.  God put a desire in our hearts to want more than what this world offers.  He wants us to believe in the miracles and in the things that cannot be seen.

I have always believed that if your dream does not scare you, dream bigger!  Dream with boldness, and do not be scared of failure.  The only regret you will have is not trying to make your dreams come true.  You will always have the what-if’s if you never try to go after your dreams!

I encourage you this week to believe in yourself and remember that your dreams matter! Spend some time in prayer and ask for God’s guidance in your life.  It could be an unfulfilled dream or desire.  Pray for wisdom over the matter.  Allow God to lead you towards your dreams.  When your dreams do come true, remember to stand in awe of who God is in your life and thank Him for all He does for you!


6 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. I absolutely love this post! I love the statement you said “I have always believed that if your dream does not scare you, dream bigger!” That is so true!! Accomplishing our dreams should take us out of our comfort zone.

    Check out my posts “30 Days of Truth and Dares” I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your post. I will definitely follow your blog! God Bless!

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    • All my writings come from the heart. I am recently dreaming big. Last week, I have given my book to an editor and publisher to review, and it is one of the scariest things I have ever done. The wait is even harder, but, no matter the outcome, still believing for God to help me publish a book one day! If not now, soon!

      Thank you for reading and following my blog! I really appreciate it! I checked out your page out and now following your blog. Your writing is incredible. I will enjoy reading your current series: 30 Days of Truth and Dares. I have already read all the ones you wrote for the last six days. 🙂


    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I am so glad my writings can help others. That is the only reason I write. I want to encourage and bless others with God’s truth.

      I’m thrilled this blog blessed you. It came from the heart. I’m struggling to dream big right now, and God challenged me to not be afraid of the unknown but believe in His power.

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