The “Thankful Jar” Challenge

We have so much to be thankful for in life.  So many times we only look at the negative instead of the positive.  We complain rather than be thankful for the life we have.  I know I am guilty of this mindset.  I can think of more negative things than positive that has happened in my life.  It is harder to stop and think about the good when life is chaotic and unfair.

BUT here is a challenge for you to change your thoughts to be positive and see the good in your life!  Get a jar and decorate it as you please and call it your “thankful jar”.  Each week write something you are thankful for and date it.  Put the piece of paper in the jar.  At the end of the year, read everything you were thankful for this year.

I encourage you to do this challenge with a friend, spouse, or co-worker.  This will help you be accountable to continue to be thankful each week.  If you feel comfortable, swap your “thankful jar” with the person who is doing the challenge with you and read each other’s encouragements.

Year 2016 focus on the positive in your life rather than the negative!  I encourage you to remember how good God is even when life is not going your way.



8 thoughts on “The “Thankful Jar” Challenge

  1. April, I love your blog. It always blesses and challenges me- thank you. And today’s especially, a Thankful Jar is a great idea and a weekly input seems doable because I know I’d never keep up a daily one.

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    • I just started doing this challenge with my mom, and I love it. I already have six “thank you’s” since I have started, and it is only January 6th. We are swapping our “thank you” jars at the end of the year to read each other’s encouragements. I am praying this challenge will help me think more positive and remind myself God is always good.

      I am so glad I can encourage you through my blog! That is the whole purpose of my page. I want to make others be encouraged through my words. Thankful every day that God uses me to help others.


  2. This is a great idea. You’re right in that we often focus on the negative instead of the positive, and that having someone join in with you on this challenge will help in seeing it through.
    In the last few years, there have been many little “trends” in the Christian community to get us to focus on the positive, but to me they mostly feel contrived, or jumping on a bandwagon, rather than really studying the effects on our lives of being thankful for the sake of being thankful.
    I reblogged this on The Invisible Moth.

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    • That’s awesome! You already have a head start to this idea. I am glad it works. I am just starting it and not seeing results yet. Thank you for the encouragement that this idea does work and keep at it!

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