The Old Mentality Syndrome

We tend to hold on to the old mindsets from our past whether it is physical or emotional.  Our past drains us and hinders us from moving forward in life.  We stay in a place where we still believe we have the same issues because of our insecurities.  Our insecurities may be fear, anxiety, worry, or even disbelief.  The truth is, we are not crippled anymore.  We are whole in Christ.

Recently, I have had surgery to help keep me well from having sinus infections.  The doctor says the surgery was a success, and I am well.  But, I am still living a life of fear.  After being sick for six years, this mentality is all I know.  My immune was low, and I could not be around people who just had the sniffles or I would get sick.  I am living in disbelief that I have my life back.  Even though I heard the doctor say the words, “I am well,” it almost seems to be a dream, not reality.  I am living in an old mindset when God says, “I am healed.”  Through Christ I have to believe I am whole again!  I am not crippled by a disease anymore.  I have to believe I am healed!

What old mentality are you believing today?  Are believing that nothing has changed when God has healed you?  What lie is satan reminding you of every day that keeps you in the past rather than the present?

I challenge you this week to evaluate your life and see where you are still living in the past.  What insecurities get in the way for you to live whole in Christ?  What is holding you back from seeing the truth in your life?

Do not let old mindsets get in the way of living in the present!  You are no longer crippled from the past.  You are whole in Christ!  You are complete in Him!  Let 2016 be a year of celebration and victories!


7 thoughts on “The Old Mentality Syndrome

  1. Amen if only we could fully understand that in Christ we are whole. It is the old mindsets that hold me back. I need to ask Jesus to renew my mind. It is really good to see you doing a blog again. I always look forward to your writing. I hope you have the best year you have ever had. Mighty Blessings to you. Richard

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    • I believe we all have old mindsets we have to let go and be renewed. I know I have plenty of mindsets that are not healthy. It is easier to say than do. Changing the way we think requires for us to change and that is hard sometimes. It may be breaking a old habit or belief that has been there for years. I pray that God will guide your steps as you change the old to new with Christ. I pray He gives you strength and courage to make these changes for the better. What challenge for this year. I know God put it on my heart to write this blog and challenge me to do the same.

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      • And thank you for the compliment. I am glad I am writing again too. I missed it. It helps to know that people actually like my writing and respond. Makes me want to write more when I know I am helping others.


  2. This is very true…so many of us practice trusting God all the time…but apparently we can’t trust Him for more than the washing machine not breaking down or not getting a parking ticket. When a miracle happens, some part of us wants to still doubt its authenticity. That’s why Jesus said we were only limited by the limits of our own faith, or lack of it. I’m guilty of that, too! Thanks for the challenge. Sometimes we need to stop doing too much in our own strength, and just go with God’s.

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    • Your words are so true! What you write on my page just adds more good truth that everyone can relate to. I love the statement: “That’s why Jesus said we were only limited by the limits of our faith, or lack of it.” I may have to use that one day and quote you! 🙂


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