Peace in the Midst of Chaos

I have recently found peace while going through hardship.  Through the tears and confusion, I searched for God’s peace over my life.  Little by little I began to trust God more with my circumstances.  I found some good truths by spending time in His presence.

#1)  Peace is only found in Jesus.

The world wants us wrapped up in the world’s chaos and cause confusion, but God has the perfect plan for our lives.

#2)  Seeking peace must be intentional.

If we want peace, we have to surrender all our worries and cares onto the Lord and believe in His peace for our lives.

#3)  To have peace, we must believe that God is good all the time.

Even in our darkest moments, we have to believe that God is with us, and He is good.

Life is full of trouble, but we can always find peace with God through prayer and worship!  In time of trouble, we must stand up for our faith.  The world may try to tear us down, but the Lord keeps us from falling apart.  He gives us His peace and comfort through hardship.  He is the one to lean on when we need to find peace in our lives!


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