What Makes A Leader?

Recently I was challenged on what makes me a leader.  What qualities do I have that makes me a leader in Christ?  Am I showing others by example on how to be a good and humble leader?

Leadership is defined by leading a group of people or an organization.  A leader is someone who guides, directs, and influences those around him or her.  Christian leadership is defined as a “dynamic relational process in which people, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, partner to achieve a common goal — it is serving others by leading and leading others by serving” (www.andrews.edu).  Re-read the Christian version of leadership.  Wow!  “It is serving others by leading and leading others by serving.”  Everyone serves others, no matter if you are a leader or a follower.  We all have different roles to make the group / organization successful.  It’s team effort!  It’s all about serving and being an example for others to see.

The qualities of a leader are:
Integrity – Honesty
Appreciation – Compliment those who are following you
Strategy – Planning / Success
Humility – Humble
Passionate – Love what you do with all your heart / Believe in it
Inspiration – Inspire others by example
Commitment – Remain loyal to your words and actions
Responsibility – Don’t make excuses
Listening – Be a listening ear to those who are hurting
Principles – Structure for the group
Communication – Know your followers
Values / Morals
Stay true to yourself
Purpose / Vision Focus and Success
DeterminationNever give up
MotivationMotivate and rally those around you

“Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”

Anyone can be a leader!  You do not have to be bold and in front to be a leader.  God wants us to be a light to those around us.  Mentoring someone one-on-one is a leader.  Helping others is being a leader.

In the Bible, God describes what a good humble leader looks like.  John 10:11 says we need to take care of the people around us — to be good shepherds in Christ.  Corinthians 11:1 says we lead by example.  What we do matters!  What we say matters!  Galatians 6:2 talks about the Fruit of the Spirit.  We must have good character and morals to lead successfully.  We must live pure and holy lives to be a good Christian leader.

The next time someone says you do not have what it takes to be a leader, remember that God called all of us to be leaders.  Our calling is to make a difference in someone’s life.  Leadership is a rewarding position to be in and be honored that God entrust you with such a task!  Lead like a good shepherd and stay humble in whatever God ask you to do!

3 thoughts on “What Makes A Leader?

    • I am learning how to be a leader. I am more behind the scenes but God is using me in ways I never thought possible. It is taking courage and boldness to step into the new journey and believe God will guide me. I have been told that I am too quiet and reserved to be a leader. I don’t believe that! I believe anyone can be a leader as long as everyone uses their own talents and skills to lead. Not try to be someone he or she is not.

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      • A few years ago I was quiet and reserved now I preach in Church and lead groups from the Church. Just be yourself and Father God will make you into the leader he has created you to be. I work in a community trying to find peoples talents and skills, you will have many that you don’t even know about yet!!! Blessings

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