You Are Enough For God

So many times we focus on our faults and let satan defeat us in thinking we are not good enough for God.  God does not expect us to be perfect; He only expects us to follow after Him with our whole heart.

Many people are “afraid God is displeased with them because they don’t read the Bible enough, they don’t pray properly, or they don’t have enough faith.  They live in bondage to the fear that nothing they do is ever enough for God.  This is a lie!  The devil wants us to believe ‘enough is never enough’  He wants us to feel no matter what we do, God will always want something more or something different.” (Quote from the book, “Never Give Up” by Joyce Meyer)

You are enough for God!  Believe that today!  Don’t believe lies that the enemy tells you!

You are MORE than enough for God!  Repeat that statement until you believe it!


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