Enjoy the Small Things in Life

So many times we miss the very thing that God is trying to show us, because it seems insignificant. We seek the things that will advance us quicker to our goals and skip the small things in life. We never realize that the big thing we are waiting for happens every day in a bunch of small things.

There is much more to look forward to in life rather than wait for a promotion at your workplace, buying a new home, or even buying a new vehicle. Yes, these are all desires and might even be a need, but those things do not matter if we are not enjoying life every day to the fullest. You see, it is all about perspective.

If we come home to a spouse and to our children, that is something to be grateful for and thank God for every day. You hear children’s laughter throughout your home and the aroma of dinner cooking on the stove. We cannot help but smile when we hear a child’s laughter and to be thankful to enjoy a home cooked meal with your family.

Friendships are a blessing from God, and we need to cherish these relationships. Friendships bring joy and laughter into our lives. The relationships we build here on earth matter. Sometimes friendships seem insignificant. There are some friendships that were meant to be for a season and others for a lifetime. We need to be grateful for everyone who God brings into our lives.

Sometimes life’s busyness gets in the way of enjoying God’s beauty that He created for us. God’s nature is full of awe and wonder. We rush to our workplace every day missing God’s amazing creation by not stopping to look at what is around us. God created the skies filled with various shapes and brilliant colors. He created the trees to freely move with the wind and created the birds to sing a beautiful melody. This is everything we can experience in God’s nature if we take the time to see His beauty–His masterpiece.

The family and friends who love us unconditionally and the nature that surrounds us are all of God’s blessings poured out over our lives. In the paragraphs above, I created the beautiful imagery of coming home to a loving family with happy children and a home cooked meal. A friendship that we do not take for granted. God’s nature that we can experience every day.

In reality, life is not this simple. We will have face life’s problems and temptation on a daily basis. We must manage stress in our workplace and school. Our distractions and demands of this world will keep us from spending time with our family and friends and experiencing God’s nature firsthand.

The troubles of this world will keep us from experiencing the things we cherish most in our lives. We want a successful career, but what will it cost us to reach the top? Will it be working overtime and not spending quality time with our spouse and children? Will it be losing a good friend, because we did not have the time to invest in the relationship? Will it be missing out on travelling the world, because life is too busy?

Perspective is all about learning how to enjoy the little things in life. It is not about being successful in this world, but it is about celebrating the small achievements in our lives. John Wooden said “it’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

We all need to make an effort to see the small things as an accomplishment. We will find that the joy that comes from rediscovering the simple things in life changes us forever.


Life is full of small accomplishments that we need to celebrate. Life is more than waiting to reach the big achievements in our lives. The small things in life add up to bigger successes and victories.

Write down some of the achievements you have accomplished through Christ. Beside each one write down whether or not you thought of them as small accomplishments or big accomplishments.

Write down your thoughts on what it means to have a successful life. I encourage you to reevaluate your thoughts to see whether or not they line up with God’s Word. Take some time to give God the glory for everything He has allowed you to accomplish thus far, and pray that God continues to bring you more success through Him.


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