God’s Point of View – Part Three

Influenced by Others

Perspective can come from others as they speak truth into our lives. We all need people to be honest with us and encourage us to have a better outlook on life situations. Perspective changes everything! God never said we do life alone. He brings people into our lives for us to see our circumstances differently. When we are in the midst of chaos, our thoughts are jumbled and nothing makes sense. When we have someone feeding encouragement and positivity into our lives, we begin to change our perspective over our circumstances. The negative thoughts turn into positive thinking.

God also influences us by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works in and through us to think and act more like Jesus. The more we seek and trust God with our lives, the more we will see through His eyes and not our own. His view is broader than ours. In His perspective, we will see His will for our lives and anticipate what the future holds for us. God works in us to change our perspective on life through reading the Bible and prayer.


The way you see life is vital to your Christian walk. Does your attitude get in the way of showing Jesus to the world? Do your emotions get the best of you and you speak out of anger and frustration? Is there anyone you know that you can trust and confide in to speak truth over your life?

It is important to have God’s perspective over your life. All these questions above are a great way to reevaluate your life to see whether or not your thoughts and emotions are Christ-like. Are you seeing through God’s perspective or your own?


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