Unleash Your Full Potential – Part Two


Here is another way to understand the Scripture, John 15, verses one through eight. Imagine yourself standing in front of two apple trees. One tree is prospering, strong and full of growth. The other tree has no growth and lifeless.

Let us start at the beginning. A fruit tree starts out as a seed and is planted in the ground. It grows roots to withstand weight of the fruit and nature’s extreme weather. In time, the tree will bear fruit. As the tree matures and strengthens, it will multiply its harvest.

A fruit tree will grow strong and bear fruit if the caretaker waters it daily and cuts off the bad fruit so it continues to prosper. The tree must be well taken care of throughout its lifetime to see its full potential. If the tree is not well taken care of, it will be weak and not prosper.

Our lives are much like the fruit trees described above. We need the love and care from our heavenly Father to prosper us and to reach our full potential. We must have a strong foundation in our faith to remain standing when life is unbearable.

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