Unexpected Opportunities

This week God showed me that it is simple to share His love with others as long as we are obedient to His Word and commands.  At work I had to run an errand, I happened to walk in the wrong office door and was looking for directions.  As I turned the door handle to leave, I felt God telling me, “ask the lady how her day is going.”  A simple question — “How is your day going.”  Instantly, she started crying and saying, “thank you for caring.”  This lady was having a bad day and felt comfortable enough to tell me her personal struggles.  God gave me the perfect words to minister to her.  I encouraged her to look to God for approval and seek His joy.  We exchanged names and contact information, and we are planning to meet for lunch one day.  I met a complete stranger who needed to hear God’s hope in her life!  What an amazing encounter!!!

This was an unexpected opportunity that I could have easily passed up if I was not obedient to God.  A simple question turned into a God encounter!  Nothing ceases to amaze me when it comes to God.  This experience made me realize how important it is to stay alert and hear God’s voice in every place I go, no matter it’s at a store, workplace, church, or at home.  We always need Christ with us so we can be ready to share His love with those who need to hear it the most!

I am thankful that I heard God’s voice that day and cared enough to hear someone’s story. I am glad I took the time to minister to a complete stranger who was so broken and worn out that she had lost all hope.  I pray her faith and hope was renewed that day, and I hope she remembers that God is on her side through this difficult time!


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