Dancing With Our Heavenly Father!

In the Book of Psalms, chapter 25, verses 4 through 5, is a simple prayer that says “show me Your ways, Lord, teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.”

One of my favorite quotes that I live by is, “Life isn’t about waiting for the rain to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain.” This quote, in my opinion, means standing strong when life is crumbling around us and all we can do is call out Jesus’ name. Even if it is a whisper, He hears us and He comes to our aid. God does not want us to live in defeat but He wants us to feel empowered by Him and be conquerors of this world.

“Dancing in the rain” means we fully trust in God no matter what we are facing. It means we do not allow worry and anxiety to control us because we allow God to be in control of our lives. We face situations head on and not run from them when life gets hard.

Life is like a dance. It is like a child dancing with her father. She gently places her feet on top of her father’s as she looks up at him mesmerized, in awe of his love! She feels like a princess dancing with her prince. The little girl hugs her daddy as tight as she can never wanting to let go! It is a priceless and precious moment between a father and a daughter.

Life stands still and everything is at peace when a child is wrapped around her father’s arms and gently guided in the way she should go. This describes our heavenly Father. Imagine yourself placing your feet on top of God’s and letting Him guide you in His ways and His purpose for your life.

Dancing with our heavenly Father is indescribable. It may be when we need to be reminded of His touch or His voice. It may be when we need Him to carry us across the room reminding us He will never forsake us. It may be a longing to be in His presence through prayer and reading His Word. Psalms 119:105 says God’s Word “is a lamp for my feet; a light on my path.”

I encourage all of us to embrace God and take the time to dance with Him. We are His princess and He is our prince.


One thought on “Dancing With Our Heavenly Father!

  1. Reblogged this on Faith.Hope.Love and commented:

    This week I am re-blogging one of my favorite topics: “Dancing With Our Heavenly Father”

    I need to place my feet on My Father’s and soak up His presence. I want to be reminded of that this week while I spend time with God and get back to where I need to be — in His arms.


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