Year 2015: New Beginnings

Each year I write a letter to God on what my goals are for the new year.  My goals may be spiritual, personal, and/or desires of my heart.  Each year on the last day of December I read the letter to see whether or not I met any of my goals.  This year is different.  All I want is to be in God’s will, no matter what that may look like.  It is not about my desires but His desires for my life.  I had good intentions but I am realizing the letters bring disappointment if I failed to accomplish my yearly goals.

So this year all I want to do is love on God and enjoy the journey that God has set before me.  It may look different than I expected and even surprises along the way but, as long as I am fully trusting God with my life, I have no worries!

In Revelation, God says He makes everything new!  My pastor said in her Sunday Morning message that we must invite Jesus into lives.  “Jesus is welcomed in your life when He is the center of your life!”  That is my number one goal for this year — to make Jesus the center of my life.  My pastor also challenged the congregation to evaluate ourselves to see where Jesus fits into our lives.

I want a better prayer life and be more excited about reading God’s Word.  I want my life to be a reflection of who Jesus is, no matter the cost!  I want to be sold out for God and continue to learn His ways and purpose over my life.

So here’s to new beginnings!  I’m not looking behind me on the what-if’s but looking forward to new exciting things that will come my way.  I’m enjoying the journey with Jesus and loving life to the fullest!


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