Holiday Memories

As we are approaching Christmas, I cannot help but remember the great times I had with loved ones who are no longer here on earth.  The one I miss the most is my grandmother.  She always made holidays special.  There would always be a sweet aroma coming from her kitchen.  My grandmother was always baking cookies and sweets during the holidays.  Her gifts were handmade rather than store bought which made it even more special.

I am thankful and blessed to have grown up with such a wonderful grandmother who I called, Maw-Maw!  She was loving and caring!  She gave the best hugs in the world!  It has been fifteen years without her and each year I miss her more and more.  I hold on to the memories I have with her and remind myself that this is not goodbye but see you soon!

Love you Maw-Maw!!!
Merry Christmas to you in Heaven!!!


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