Thankful For Struggle

God did not always give me an easy road to walk on in life.  He allowed struggle but He always showed up to guide me in the right direction.

I did not speak my first word until I was three years old.  I struggled in school to comprehend what I was reading.  I was held back in first grade to catch up with everyone else my age.  Through time, I came to enjoy school and loved learning new things.  At an early age, I taught myself how to study and do well in school.  I was an A and B student and succeeded in college with the highest honors.  I did not just conquer my struggle but I learned from it.  I put my all into being a good student and making good grades and from that I learned how to persevere when I wanted to give up.

Simple things in life did not come easy for me as well.  A simple task for someone else seemed like a nightmare for me.  Things never went right and accomplishments took longer to achieve.  I have always had to wait for my dreams to come true but God has taught me a lot through the waiting period.

I have learned that the wait is worth it in the end.  I do not take life for granted but find blessings and hope in everything that God gives me.  I appreciate the small and big accompishments in my life giving God the glory.

God has helped me to slow down and realize life is not about how fast you get there but to enjoy the journey.  There are life lessons in the journey.  I have learned how to trust God with my life and know the outcome will be bigger than I have ever imagined as long as God is in control of the situation. Life is not about my deadlines but God’s!  It is not even about my standards but His!  Praise God that He loves me enough to say NO to my timing and continues to work in my favor for His timing!  His way is flawless in every way!

Through life’s struggles, I am a stronger person for living a life that did not come easy.  I don’t give up when life gets hard.  God built up my character and endurance to face struggle head-on and not get defeated.  God has given me His courage to face every battle in my life.

When people tell me maybe God is trying to stop you from moving forward because of strife, I tell them this is how God works in my life.  At times, I question things if it came too easy.  I learn through struggle and thankful for it!

Struggle is not all bad if God has our best interest at heart!!!


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