It’s All About the Journey!

Have you ever asked God, “When will he ever move me into a new place in life?” OR “When will I see blessings in my life?”  Most of the time we ask those type of questions out of frustration, despair, or even in the midst of confusion.

The truth is we miss it all together!  We miss the purpose of why God has kept us in that place!  It’s about the journey!!!  In the journey, we learn who we are and who God created us to be.   It’s not about focusing on the destination or how much further we have to walk to get to the finish line.

It’s All About:

It may not be easy but worth it!!!
It’s worth hearing truth over your life!
It’s worth the tears and the frustrations to eventually find peace
and to become whole again through Christ!
It’s worth finding your true self!


Sometimes you are just walking forward mesmerized by its beauty and refreshing air of new things and new surroundings, you forget your worries and fears, and you learn, grow, change with each and every step you take!  You embrace change with ease and with comfort!  Peace overwhelms you and you cannot help but enjoy life to the fullest!  You take everything in and not taking anything for granted!  This journey is only possible with God guiding you and speaking over you every step of the way!  You find His peace in the journey!

During this journey, you are trusting God more and learning to let go of the past hurts, shame, and regrets.  You give full control of your life to God!  And before you know it — you made it!  You made it to the finish line as a conqueror!  Not beaten down, but full of hope and joy!

My story of my past may tell about heartache, rejection, hurts, losses, and loneliness, but God turned it into a powerful testimony of hope, love, and acceptance!

The journey is all about the healing process and being real with yourself that, “it’s okay not to be okay.” The finish line is all about the testimony!  What God has done in your life, and how he continues to bless you!

You see, the past does not have to define you!  It’s a part of you, but it does not have to cripple you forever!  The past cannot be redone or disappear, but it’s growth that you can learn from and be a stronger person for going through a difficult time. Do not let the past create insecurities and fears over your life! Do not believe satan’s lies!  Instead, realize that God wants to see you whole again and the past…well….it’s in the past!

God loves you unconditionally, no matter where you are in life!  You are never out of God’s reach to save you!  Take that journey with God and see how God heals you and changes you into His image!


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